Invitation to be inspired and to inspire others to create a more positive world

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From November 15th to 16th this year, the2nd Global Conference on Positive Change is held in Amsterdam, whose central theme is: “Building Positive Organizations: How do we re-imagine and re-purpose commercial and community organizations towards a more positive world?

Attendees will be invited to discuss, explore and deepen on positive change in a variety of fields: Business, Human Resources, Education, Health Services, Prison Service, Charities/NGOs, Green Cities and Youth Leadership, among others. Each person will create their own journey throughout the two days, participating in those sessions that most appeal to them.

This is an invitation to be inspired and to inspire through:

  • Exploring and deepening your understanding of key themes of Positive Change
  • Hearing from and discuss with experts who are applying Positive Change in diverse fields
  • learning about approaches and tools effective in delivering Positive Change
  • Appreciatively sharing their own knowledge, experiences and aspirations

Our network of inspirers will be present and will stimulate different types of sessions. We invite you to see their proposals entering in our web.

See you there?



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